6A OUTLINE - corpse” shijie r Ling Shouguang at the age...

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Arts of self-cultivation and transcendence (I) Intro: “Daoism” Today: the logic of the methods Thursday: the texts, and social practices Two idioms: qi -based and bureaucratic (Two idioms, too, of dying and death…) 1 . Qi -based practices A. Breathing; “circulating qi B. Dietetics Avoidances: the “five grains” Story of the ‘Hairy Woman’ Alternative cuisines Herbal Cinnamon Pine resin Fuling fungus Solomon’s Seal Atractylis Mineral The “traveling canteen” Relative importance of dietetics C. Sexual arts D. Alchemy Cinnabar / mercuric sulfide 1
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Ritual solemnity of alchemy 2. Bureaucratic practices A. “Allotted lifespan” ( ming r ) B. The system of lifespan deduction The “three corpses” ( sanshi r ) C. “Escape by means of a simulated
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Unformatted text preview: corpse” ( shijie r ) Ling Shouguang at the age of over 70 obtained a method for making efflorescence of vermilion pills. These he synthesized and ingested, with the result that his appearance was that of a person in his 20s. By the first year of the jian’an period [= 196 C.E.] he was already 220 years old. Later, without having shown any signs of illness, he “died” at the home of Hu Gang in Jiangling. Over 100 days after his funeral and burial, someone saw Ling in Xiaohuang. This person sent a letter to Hu Gang, who, upon receiving it, dug up the coffin and looked inside. It was empty except for an old shoe. The coffin nails had not been removed. D. Talismans ( fu r ) 2...
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6A OUTLINE - corpse” shijie r Ling Shouguang at the age...

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