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Personal Fit Analysis Instructions

Personal Fit Analysis Instructions - BUS M 540 Fall 2010...

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BUS M 540, Fall 2010 Personal Fit Analysis Instructions The Personal Fit Analysis is the most important case analysis of the semester. It will provide you an opportunity to apply much of the content of the course to a real-life setting that should be of great personal interest to you. In this analysis, you must assess your own personal characteristics as they relate to work organizations and career preferences, assess the characteristics of a real organization in which you are considering working, and analyze the degree of person-organization fit you would expect to experience should you choose to work in that organization. For those of you that are planning to intern with an accounting firm this summer (or winter), the organization that you analyze may be one of the firms with which you interview. For those of you that have alternate plans for this summer (preparation for a PhD, law school, medical school, etc.), please analyze an organization that you would like to join after graduation.
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