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Personal Fit Example 1 - Personal-Fit Analysis(NAME An...

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BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Personal-Fit Analysis: (NAME) An analysis of the personal and organizational fit for (NAME) with (FIRM)
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1 Personal-Fit Analysis: (NAME) | 11/1/2008 Personal-Fit Analysis: (NAME) An analysis of the personal and organizational fit for (NAME) with (FIRM) Introduction Making the decision to join an accounting firm is not an easy decision, nor one that should be taken lightly. As Bronco Mendenhall said in an interview with Jim Rome when talking about recruiting new people to join BYU’s football program, he said, “It has to be about alignment, meaning bringing the right people to this place.” Likewise, to join an organization it must be about alignment. It must be about the right people at the right place. In preparation to join the Ernst & Young office in (CITY), California, the following analysis has been performed. Work Values versus Organizational Mission/Values Personal Values are the beliefs that are unique to a person that have been taught to them through their own experiences and reactions to those experiences. The way we prioritize our values is unique to each person and we develop an idea of how things should be run. Likewise, organizations have different prioritization of values which cause their organization to be run differently. Values of both parties must be close in order for a good fit to take place. Upon performing a Personal Organization Values assessment and critically thinking about the values I hold as most important I found three values that must exist in an organization for me to consider joining the firm. The values are the following listed in the order of perceived importance: 1) Being People Oriented 2) Flexible and 3) Opportunities for professional growth. (FIRM) possesses these qualities as a company and as an office. My parents have reminded me since I was little that concern for people and likeability are two points that will help in my success in my career. Not that I am not intelligent or that education cannot help but many employees are much more capable in those regards. But instead I must have concern for people and be likeable, in other words, people oriented. I feel that I break away from the stereotype accountant, who sits in a cube and as no life but his work. (FIRM) is very people oriented and flexible. (FIRM) offers 15 days off, unlimited sick days, and 2 weeks of paternity leave for those who are interested in having families as I am. Further, one is allowed flexible hours and flexible work situations. [REFERENCE], a first-year associate with (FIRM) in (CITY), told me that after he had established trust with the managing partner, upon his request the company bought him a new monitor and a laptop so that he could work at home. During the busy season he was always home by 6 pm. He would have dinner with his wife and daughter and get back to work at 9 pm from home. I need those flexible conditions because I want to be able to be around for my wife and for our future little boy who will come in February. The opportunity to work at home wasn’t
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Personal Fit Example 1 - Personal-Fit Analysis(NAME An...

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