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MBA 540, Fall 2010 Recruitment of a Star Instructions Introduction All information for this assignment comes from the “Recruitment of a Star” case, available through Harvard Business School Publishing. Instructions for obtaining this case and other HBS cases for the course are in the syllabus. Task Please put yourself in the role of Craig Robertson, corporate recruiting expert at Superior Staffing Services. Imagine that after gathering all of the information described in the case, Stephen Connor has turned to you for help in evaluating the candidates. Further imagine that Stephen has decided that Rina Shea is no longer a candidate for the position. Consequently your task is to make a written recommendation to Stephen as to which of the four outside candidates would be the best fit for RSH’s senior semiconductor analyst position and should be extended an offer. As justification for your choice, create a 1-page position scorecard (as described in chapter two of “Who”). Using that scorecard and the information about the four candidates
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