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BUS M 540, Fall 2010 Personal Strengths Assessment Research indicates that successful careers are built on finding ways to use one’s strengths rather than trying to fix one’s weaknesses. Buckingham and Clifton define a strength as the ability to produce “consistent near perfect performance in an activity” (from Buckingham & Clifton’s, “Now Discover Your Strengths;” for more information on their view of strengths see the excerpts from this book in the Readings folder in Blackboard). Please enlist the help of three or four family members and/or close friends to help you think about your own personal strengths. Please ask each family member or friend to list two or three of your greatest strengths (in their opinion, of course) and to share with you a brief story of an experience in which you demonstrated that strength. Feel free to contact friends or family members through any means of communication you choose. The following is a template for an email that may be useful to you:
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