Syllabus Business Management 341 Winter 2011

Syllabus Business Management 341 Winter 2011 - SECTION 004...

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S ECTION 004 F, 11:00-1:30 AM , W310 WINTER 2011 S ECTION 006 F, 2:00-4:30 AM , W310 B USINESS M ANAGEMENT 341 M ARKETING M ANAGEMENT Marketing is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return .”—K OTLER RMSTRONG P AIGE G ARDINER office hrs Fri 9:00-11:00 or by appointment 669 TNRB Text Kotler & Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, 13 Edition Course Objectives Highlights Understand marketing and the marketing process Understand the marketplace and consumers Learn how to formulate marketing strategy Identify the marketing mix elements and know how to use them Approach Class includes lectures, discussions, and in-class group learning. To ensure you understand the material and can contribute to class discussion, you are expected to read each chapter in the text prior to the date assigned in the course schedule. Keeping current with the reading is essential to your success in this course. You will gain hands-on marketing experience by completing individual marketing assignments. Additionally, groups will conduct market research, create a corporate ID, and write a group marketing plan for a product of their choice. Groups will present their plans in writing and during an oral presentation at the end of the semester. Attendance and Participation Students are expected to attend and participate in all class sessions. Participation includes: answering questions, interacting with other students, and participating in team projects. The success of class discussions and in-class activities depends on preparation and willingness to participation. Please remember to turn your cell phones off and enjoy texting after or before class. Grading Exam 1 100 points Exam 2 100 points Exam 3 100 points Quizzes (6 in-class quizzes) 50 points You may drop one in-class quiz Individual Assignments Marketing Giant 50 points Marketing Yourself 50 points Participation 25 points Group Assignments Market Research 75 points 50 points Marketing Plan 150 points Total 750 points Extra credit Teacher Evaluation 10 points M ARRIOTT S CHOOL R ESEARCH Marriott School researchers will be conducting research studies. You will receive 0.25% extra credit for participating in each 30 minute study. You may
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Syllabus Business Management 341 Winter 2011 - SECTION 004...

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