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ARB 2012-03-30 Industry YS MK - Advertising Industry-10...

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Advertising Industry (25-40-10-10) Media United States Industry Type (3/20/12): Service Business Key Indices: S5ADVT Recommendation: Hold Investment Thesis: We give a Hold recommendation due to the characteristics of the advertising industry. In the long run, both advertising prices and advertising are slated to increase. However, the current volatile economic condition means that investing in individual companies within a specific industry is risky. Firms in the advertising industry prepare advertisements for other companies and organizations and design campaigns to promote their clients images. It also includes the companies that offer services, such as information analysis or TV station time slot purchase, to those advertising firms. The industry overall is projected to grow by 4% every year till 2016, as the major economies recover from recession. The fluctuation of this industry is closely correlated with the index. While the economy improves, driven by the increase in consumer disposable income and corporate profit, advertising industry illustrates an upward trend at the same time. When the economy tanks, most companies will cut cost from advertising budget. Individual company’s performance follows closely its clients’ performances. Waiting till the economy stabilize will be a better option. International Competitive Structure:
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ARB 2012-03-30 Industry YS MK - Advertising Industry-10...

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