review11 - Each Point is taken from the slide outline - As...

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Each Point is taken from the slide outline - As a question is answered, please delete the question. Any additional notes that you think would be good to have but not on the slide, please put brackets around them {} so we don’t place them in the presentation when we are finished filling this out. Thanks. Overview Plastic parts can be used in a wide range of other miscellaneous industries. With technological improvements in the  economy, the future development of plastic parts products will be highly related with the development of electronic  products such as communication equipment, PCs, cameras and MP3 players. Plastic parts products are also  expected to be used more intensively in automobile manufacturing industries. The industry is characterized by a highly fragmented market with a large number of small- and medium-scale  companies. In 2008, over 70% of the industry's enterprises had revenue of less than $600,000 for the year. In 2010,  the proportion was estimated to decline slightly. The primary types of equipment used in the Plastic Products Manufacturing industry are: plastic-injection molding  equipment, plastic extruding equipment and plastic blow-molding equipment. Among these, injection-molding equipment is most widely utilized in the industry in terms of total industrial output  value of applications, production and sales. Injection molding involves forming melted material under pressure into a  cavity and ejecting the finished part when the material has solidified. The molding equipment is responsible for the 
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review11 - Each Point is taken from the slide outline - As...

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