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Anth 114P 2.16.2012 Lecture: Rise of cities in the Maya Area and International Relations of the Early Classic No class a week from today!! Developments in the Maya Area: FORMATIVE : o Pacific Coast: Complex area, different ethnicities As we get into the later formative, or later pre-classic, the Guatamalean side sees more impressive developments. Izapa and Takalik Abaj (later formative, large sites) Between Olmec style of early and middle formative and Maya style during the Classic period. Not sure of language that they were speaking. Izapa (pacific slope) : carved stone from Izapa, upside down person dressed as a bird with feathers with the head pointing down with a headdress. Two people waving arms. Takes themes from Olmec art, develops them further into scenes where they are illustrating some narrative. Not one person standing as a portrait, but a “still from a movie” in a sense. Drawing on ideas from a spread of Olmec art and Maya art. Takalik Abaj (pacific slope) : Middle formative, only location outside the Gulf coast where there are large carved Olemc heads, carved boulders. Debate of when they date to. Anticipates Mayan styles. Individuals on either side and text in the middle.Gradual evolution of smaller. Guatamalan highlands : Kaminalijuyu : controlled export, great ovens found. Complex society. State in the form of organization at the end of the formative. Development of a divine kingship. Elaborated in the southern lowlands in the classic period. Divine Kingship: children and people sacrificed to go with the ruler. Significant degree of social inequality. Elaborate ornamentation on the body of the ruler. How is the ruler depicted? (Stela 11- face, two masks. Bird, ruler is standing on the fangs of an earth monster, various head dress, ritual helps to grow maize, Axe
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114P 2/16/2012 lecture notes - lecture notes from

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