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Anth 144P 3.6.2012 Callic Mulle o Planned out o Room use: functions of different rooms, more control over the higher quality goods o Agricultural house: [chan nulle] in comparision to the court. They are able to see the city from a distance. The families stick together and interact with each other more. Less division of spaces, all is happening in the same area. See big city in the distance. o Overall number of possessions is few. Daily life, less organized. o Monuments: Steele from Callic Mulle. Steele displays both genders. Males are rulers but male isn’t shown huge and females tiny, complimentary facing each other. Captives being trotted on by foot. o Scribes, singers, musicians, and dancers mentioned in glyphs o What Robin is discussing about between relations between genders, and classes. o Show new view where the elite and the defeated are depicted. Men in charge, women have important role as well. o Does she make a case that each are important? Role they play in Robin’s argument of the ancient Maya: multiple kinds of ritual spaces; within the house, etc. the bases of the society versus the top of it, not looking at only the tombs of the rulers of society, the different organization of the different residences, the court and also the peasant houses, special divisions between activities, organization of space, idea to organize house as a mirror (?) of the cosmos [ household archaeology ] o [ feminist archaeology ] women shown in the steele next to their husbands, detailed of how they are shown and social organization and politics. o Recognize what is an example of the information from the different levels of archaeology. Define what kind of evidence this is. Ashmore
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114P_3.6.2012 - Anth 144P 3.6.2012 Callic Mulle o Planned...

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