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Anth 114P 3.13.2012 Lecture: The Aztec Empire and the Spanish Conquest Read Broken Spears. Brief outline o Aztec Empire (AD 1428-1521) o Background of the Conquest o The Spanish Victory (AD 1519-1521) The Aztec Empire o Characteristic of the late post-classic o Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Capital (Under modern Mexico City) o The Aztec Empire arises in the late post classic o Series of lake sin the basin of Mexico o Tenochtitlan: Located with lakes and water ways going out to the main land Small political units subdividing the Political unit of Mexico (sometimes one dominating the other, sometimes at war with the other) Emphasizes the metropolitan character Main temple: Temple of [Mih-or] (sp?) Important for Aztec State ideology, Chicimeca side Folk religion aspect in which it was understood as a sacred mountain with the resources of water and nourishment Offerings do not appear divided to separate Gods but instead related to (Polic?) storm, water, and rain. Offerings suggested a different and more complex set of meaning Seen as the earth monster that devoured victims, theology Gods had given themselves for humans to survive therefore, humans must give themselves in return Political and state orientated (conclusions from the documents written by the Spaniards) Religious focus as well—leaning towards folk vs. political ideology Multiple canals and buildings for ceremonies An alliance of 3 capitals, loosely configured with different histories Archaeology of the sacred precinct: Seen by the Spaniards, described by the native scribes Two shrines on top to two main Gods Storm god and the patron deities specifically of the Aztecs Understanding of the main precinct of the Aztecs prior to 1978 The Zocalo: downtown Mexico City
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114P_3.13.2012 - Anth 114P 3.13.2012 Lecture The Aztec...

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