114P_3.15.2012 - Anth 114P 3.15.2012 Final: 10 questions,...

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Anth 114P 3.15.2012 Final: 10 questions, respond to 8, Bluebook 2 of the 10 questions from Broken Spears, 4 from the readings, 4 from lectures Readings (from what was discussed in class) CULBERT No readings before midterm Montezuma a coward of is this a basis account being influenced by the Spaniards? Spanish over lay: shows how the Spanish are able to overtake them and makes them seem. Referring to the Aztec gods as idols, they give the Spaniards what they want. What is Montezuma actually gave the Spaniards what they wanted and it would look like they are trying to butter up the Spaniards. o The leadership of Montezuma was sketchy (weak leader) Todero’s idea of means of communication and Montezuma’s gifts to the Spaniards of gold are documented in the Spaniard’s accounts. o Incidents that were described really happened o Doesn’t seem consistent with Montezuma’s character, Could it be that it is not a Spanish version but an Aztec version of what went wrong: pinning to Montezuma (“We are not to blame but our leader”) Must consider the context of how these documents were prepared Break down into a Spanish Aztecs kind of thing Different agendas in the documents o Spaniards impression: Montezuma was a weak leader Worth wondering whether we have Aztec informants trying to escape goat Montezuma, making up specific speeches, but tradition of what was actually said. Sympathy from Montezuma
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114P_3.15.2012 - Anth 114P 3.15.2012 Final: 10 questions,...

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