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Accounting and Financial Control Department Taxation S 2012 1/1 Tutorial (1) Introduction to Tax Accounting Problem “1”: Sarah Amin works as an employee in the public sector .She receives L.E. 60,000 annually as her salary. Required: 1. Identify the taxpayer. 2. Identify the tax base. 3. Calculate the tax due. Problem “2”: Fady owns his own grocery store and has an annual income of L.E
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Unformatted text preview: 30,000 . Calculate the tax due on the store income. Problem “3”: Deena has collected the following revenues at the end of 2011: a) L.E. 2000/month in the form of salaries. b) L.E. 15,000 as the total profits from commercial professions c) L.E. 5,000 revenues from real estate. Calculate the tax base and the tax due that Deena should pay at the end of 2011 ....
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