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HLA Complex Molecules HLA-DM IS CONSERVED, BUT THERE ARE SEVERAL COPIES OF THE GENE. HLA-A, B and C all come from MHC class? Must have alpha and beta chain for class 2. If you are a testing tissues, HLA-DP and HLA-DQ are highly polymorphic and very important to match. Figure 5.25, how HLA-A there is 506 sequences. MHC molecules are those that present peptide antigen to either CD4 or CD8 cells. MHC Class I comes from one chain only because they all pair with a monomorphic B2 microglobulin. MHC Class 2 is a heterodimer it needs alpha and beta. What happens in the event of you are healthy living in a sterile enivornment do you still express. They will always be there and they are expressing self peptide in the group o fboth mhc class 1 and
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Unformatted text preview: two. HAlotype means a combination of what everyone inherits from their parents. Minimally you get 3 class 1 and 3 class two alleles. If your parents had identical HLA genes you would have only 3 class ones and 3 class twos. Most people have 6 class 1 and 6 class 2, three from each parent so you have 12 total MHC class proteins on their antigen presenting cells. A few people have 6 class 1 and 8 class 2 alleles. HLA; allogenieic refers to another persons allele that is antigenic and causes an alloreaction. Tested for purpose of organ/tissue transplant compatibility and disease susceptibility prediction. 5.30;...
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