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GM533 Final Exam Study Guide - GM533 Final Exam Study Guide...

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GM533 Final Exam Study Guide The final exam will be comprehensive, covering material from the entire course. The final exam is written such that you perform very few calculations. Instead, MegaStat output is used in place of the hand-calculations. The questions primarily ask you to interpret and explain various statistical analyses. 1.How do you calculate and interpret range, mean and standard deviation? 2.What does knowing a measure of variation (range or standard deviation) tell you about the data? 3.What does the Empirical Rule and/or Chebychev's Rule tell us? 4.What percent of the data fall between each quartile? 5.What does it mean to say the data is right-skewed (or positively skewed)? 6.When is median useful, as opposed to using the mean? 7.How do you calculate probability using the various rules? 8.How do you find binomial probabilities using a Binomial Table? 9.How do you calculate probabilities using the standard normal distribution? 10. How do you find cut-off values for a normal distribution? (Like the cut-off for the
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