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In reflecting back on some real world examples going on a work, I thought of another situation in which the sales people at my work are being affected. Instead of their boss focusing on development of each sales associate in all areas they should be successful in, he is analyzing which associate sells each product best, what state they are more successful with, etc. He feeds those people leads from their best state and product. I find this interesting. It is in his mind what is best for the business, and while it is not unethical to move leads around he spends a great deal
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Unformatted text preview: of time working on those types of projects. In my opinion, if he utilized data to focus on developing those who may be weaker, than he would have a stronger overall work force that should as a whole produce more. I guess it is simply how I perceive the data versus how the manager of the sales team perceives it. Here is what I see: If you have on associate closing 10 leads and you feed them more, maybe they close 3-5 more. However, if you make a person who is not closing leads successful then maybe they can close 10-15 which would lead to a much higher conversion rate....
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