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Probability plays a big part every day at my work. It is important that as a sales person you focus on leads that you are most likely to close. No matter what you are selling or how you sell it, you want to manage your time and center your attention on getting the most out of your efforts. It is important then that we analyze trends. The following are some examples of areas where probability could help us know where to focus our time. Is it more likely that men or women will buy a specific product? Do you close more east coast leads earlier in the day or later? What about west coast?
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Unformatted text preview: When does a lead become cold? In other words after what time frame does the probability that you will close a customer decrease largely? There are many other questions that a person in the sales field could ask themselves and learn from examining the data. They may find that they sell to more east coast women in the morning whose lead is less than 7 days old. That being the case, they could sort their contacts and attack them in a more strategic manner....
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