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In trying to give this question real world application for me, I am going to refer to my work and the numbers we work with. My team reports sales results for the sales team which works with leads created by outside vendors. They do not cold call. I would think there is two ways to look at the data we present. For argument’s sake, let us say we have a successful advisor who has continuously met and exceeded their sales target quarter after quarter. However, this quarter they did not meet target. Simplistically speaking there are two ways to look at the same data.
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Unformatted text preview: The ability of the person to close a sale has declined (for whatever reason) or the quality of the leads has declined. Either way you look at the data, the statistics themselves are still reported accurately, it is only the interpretation that differs. It would then be up to management to follow through both with their sales associate as well as their advertising department to pin point possible catalysts for this change in behavior....
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