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Week 4 Confidence Intervals 1 - not have to look up...

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This article really puts statistics into perspective. I find myself sometimes lost in the language of our text, but examples such as these bring me back to the light. This may have been an important lesson for the judge and one for me as well. I work on an in depth sales report at work on a daily basis. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete each day and that can sometimes get redundant and boring. After reading this story, it may be a bit more comforting to know that I do
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Unformatted text preview: not have to look up everything manually as Sears ended up having to do. We do not use confidence intervals, but the powerful message that I got out of this example is that statistics is here to make our lives easier. It may be hard to learn at first, but once we understand and are able to apply both the principles as well as such tools as Megastat or even excel, it saves a lot of time....
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