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Week 4 confidence intervals 4 - 99 interval = 50.757...

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If I am understanding this correctly and I change my answers in "A" and use 1.96 instead of 2 and 2.575 instead of 3, both intervals are above 50. Therefore, this would actually be the strongest bag on the market because we have a 99% confidence that the bags will not break at 50 pounds. 95% interval = 50.757 +/- 1.96*0.260888 = 50.24566 to 51.26834
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Unformatted text preview: 99% interval = 50.757 +/- 2.575*0.260888 = 50.085214 to 51.42876 I am not sure this is correct though in looking at other's mega stat responses. I just wanted to be able to calculate them similar to last week’s live lecture. I am off to listen to this week's, maybe it will clear up my confusion....
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