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Week 4 Stats 2 - If this company wanted to market to that...

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These are great summaries of the case. As far as what advantage the statistical outcome of this problem will have for these trash bag against their competitors, I can see two. Think of every trash bag commercial you have seen. They are not advertizing color or shape; it is all about the strength. Therefore, it may be a great selling point for this company to utilize in their marketing strategies. Another possibility is for the use by other companies who need to ensure that their trash bags do not break. The first example that came to mind is biohazard trash bags.
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Unformatted text preview: If this company wanted to market to that type of customer, they would have to ensure that their biohazard bags would be able to safely get the waste to its final destination which is usually an EPA approved waste recycling facility. I have included a site for a simple reference on the types of companies that may be interested to know how sturdy a specific type of trash bag is. Source to reference: http://home-health-care.medical-supplies-equipment-company.com/ppf/page_id/222/article.asp...
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