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Week 2 Discussion Controlling Costs 2 - Melissa thanks...

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Melissa, thanks! Talking about costs we cannot escape discussion of the opportunity costs;0) There are tangibles and intangibles that we forgot to get something else (that what we call opportunity cost). All of them can be valuable. As adults, we make conscious choices involving substantial opportunity costs even though prior to this class you would not probably have called them "opportunity costs." Nevertheless, this is all about your expected returns. You and your peers in this class give up on your family time, deciding to invest in yourselves and get an adequate return on your effort in the near future. Some give up on following their kid's homework, focusing on their own, thus creating the opportunity cost of kids not getting the best knowledge out of their classes:0). Choices, choices. .. And I do not believe that there is a universal recipe for a balance. It is particular hard for single moms/dads, who cannot count on their family support. .. By studying at DeVry you actually lowering your opportunity cost in the future. How? Why is
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