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Week 2 Discussion Marginal Cost 3 - The relationship...

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The relationship between Marginal Cost and Average Total Cost maybe a bit tricky. Let me take on this with the following example. What is our average weight in this class? I will exclude myself because I am rather heavy:0) I assume the average weight of the students in this class 150 pounds. This average weight is analogous to average total cost (ATC). Both averages are found by dividing the respective totals (total weight or total cost) by the number of units (students or quantity). Suppose that Kentucky Derby jockey winner will join us in the threads:0) What is his weight? I vaguely recall him weighing only 90 pounds, please correct me if I am wrong:0) What happens to the average weight of the class? Because his marginal weight of 90 pounds is less than the 150-pound average weight, the average weight falls, right? (To check this multiply 150 lbs by the number of students in the class, add 90 lbs and divide the result by the number of students plus one to get the new average). This relation can be applied to the marginal cost and average total cost. When marginal cost is
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