8B OUTLINE - Highest Clarity (Shangqing) Daoism Check out...

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Check out these webpages: http://www.cztour.com/english/3.htm http://travel.webshots.com/photo/222338958008673372 2KuZXJw http://travel.webshots.com/photo/286149250008673372 2SbuBVq The basics 1. Revelations, 364-370 C.E., from a new class of divine beings, “the Perfected,” to the Daoist practitioner/ meditator/medium Yang Xi. The Perfected dwell in a newly revealed, high, pure level of the heavens, Highest Clarity of Shangqing i . 2. Per the Perfecteds’ instructions, Yang Xi passes these revelations along to members of the family that employs him, the Xu family 3. The resulting scriptures synthesize elements of the Quest for Transcendence and Celestial Master Daoism into a new form of Daoist religion that has a lasting influence on later Daoist literature and practice and that is an important stimulus in the formation of Daoist monasticism and a celibate Daoist priesthood. 4. It is largely thanks to the efforts of Tao
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8B OUTLINE - Highest Clarity (Shangqing) Daoism Check out...

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