Week 4 Discussion Macroeconomics News

Week 4 Discussion Macroeconomics News - According to the...

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MACROECONOMIC NEWS Scour the national news media (many good sources are available online) for a juicy story in which Chapter 6 or Chapter 7 material is at the heart of the matter. The article does not have to be current. Say what the story is about and be sure to cite the source and date so that others might find it easily. Refer to the textbook sections that apply. (required: graded) TCO E Applied As Denisse explained inflation is when the cost of a product or service rises. The article I found is not related to some of the accounts people may have set up through their banks such as retirement and savings plans. Inflation can have a long term affect on the money you save.
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Unformatted text preview: According to the article I found through a search of USA Today articles, inflation eats away at how much purchasing power a person has with their assets and income. This means that your accrued assets buys less and less as time goes on. The article goes on to give better alternative to the interest bearing savings plans. This is very interesting; I have never looked at inflation from this angle before. Usually during my studies and conversations in passing, when inflation has come up it is simply linked to rising prices of a product such as milk as Denisse mentioned. Source: http://www.totalreturnannuities.com/annuity-basics/inflation-and-annuities.html...
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