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Week 5 Discussion Trade Deficits 3 - only $190 trillion...

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The United States largest import is Computer and Electronic Products. According to the National Trade Data I pulled from the website below, our oil imports makes up 17% of our total imports and over $325 trillion dollars in 2010. The next highest product imported to the U.S. is Oil and Gas at 14.6%. Then at 12.6% is Transportation Equipment. Lastly listed on this website is a 9.2% Chemicals. The 46.5% remaining is defined in the table as “all others.” I had no idea that are largest export was Transportation Equipment (which is also on the import listing above) at 14.9%, but pales in comparison in dollars to the largest import, coming in at
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Unformatted text preview: only $190 trillion dollars. A close second is Computer and Electronic Equipment (also listed above as an import big-hitter) at 14.9% and still $190 trillion , but a bit less change. Chemicals (also listed above as an import) are next at 14% and $179 trillion dollars. And, finally, Machinery, except electrical is at 10.8% and almost $138 trillion dollars. The 45.3% remaining is defined in the table as “all others.” Source: http://tse.export.gov/TSE/ChartDisplay.aspx...
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