Week 7 Discussion the Public Sector

Week 7 Discussion the Public Sector - without significant...

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Great link Veronica. Basically the article explains that a balance between the needs of the public sector and the needs of society is not easy, but it is possible. The article below gives a good example of how government intervention is almost necessary even if we want to privatize health care. There is a misunderstanding that the absence of government involvement automatically creates a competitive market. Due to many different reasons such as market segmentation, information cost, and “free riders,” the market will fail
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Unformatted text preview: without significant intervention of both the government and the private sector. They must maintain a good balance in order to be successful. Tim Size suggests that the focus be taken off whether the government should be involved and instead focus on how it can be most effective with its involvement. Source: http://www.rwhc.com/papers/gov_init.html...
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