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Week 2 Self Assessing 2 - what is best going to meet my...

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I actually picked this class because I was recently laid off. I was lucky enough to get a job before my time at that company ran out, but it made me really start to re-evaluate what I wanted in a career from here on out. I thought this class would give me a chance to explore some of that. I also agree that is very important to self assess all throughout life as we are constantly changing. As we change jobs, careers, and even partners we learn new things and either integrate them in our lives or see them as examples of things we don’t want to add to our lives. Either way our ways of thinking often shift and if we don’t take a step back to recognize it, we may make a decision based off an old approach and realize too late that this decision cannot meet our current needs. That is why I felt it important to learn new strategies and to try and figure out
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Unformatted text preview: what is best going to meet my needs, because I suffered through an absolutely horrible situation for over two years simply because I didn’t know what other options I had. As we continue through this course I hope to learn more about myself as well as get to know the ways my classmates and professor approach different situations and see if those approaches will help me in my journey to find a career that will truly make me happy. I thought I knew what I wanted but those doors still seem to be closed. Hopefully upon completely this class as well as my Master’s degree, I will find myself more marketable for those positions or at least have a backup plan in place. The bottom assessing myself will hopefully help me in finding the resolutions to my concerns....
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