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Week 2 Time Mgmt 2 - Whether we can see hindrances or not...

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I think this is a difficult thing to think about. Sometimes it is hard to look ahead and see the obstacles that might get in our way and delay personal and professional goals. Reality set in this week when my boyfriend ended up in the hospital. I am in a new position at my company and they seriously frown on newbies missing time during their first 90 days. I am also in a sales position, so whenever I am gone, I return at a serious disadvantage as my target does not get adjusted simply because I was absent. There was no way to see this obstacle, but here is what I can say I have learned over the years.
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Unformatted text preview: Whether we can see hindrances or not, they are going to happen, so there is really only one thing to do, plan ahead as much as possible. That is why time management exercises are so important. They can help us to see just how much we have on our plates. I spend the beginning of every week with the intention of having at least Friday and Saturday with no homework. When that goes as planned, life is wonderful. When I get a curve ball, at least I am ahead of the game so I can play catch up over the weekend as I am doing right now....
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