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I did not complete my assignment on this woman but she came straight to mind when I read the word role model in this discussion. I met her when I started working at the company I work for three years ago. She had just started working on her Master’s degree and as I started to get to know her better, I found out a lot more. Her son’s father was her drug dealer’s son. It took me a second to soak that up because she didn’t seem like the type. But that was who she was 19 years ago. One day she walked in and saw her son’s father cutting his stuff on the coffee table. I know this sounds horrible, but that was her trigger. She grabbed her son and whatever else she could
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Unformatted text preview: fit in her car and she left. Between then and the time I met her, she found funding as a single mom to receive her Bachelor’s degree, married a man that took care of her and her son, and she was in a successful career position and working toward getting her Master’s degree to keep moving forward. She realized that she wanted a better life than she had for her son and she actually did it! That’s what made her different. It wasn’t just a pipe dream; she worked her heart out to get what she wanted. I will always admire her dedication and her ability to put her son above all else. She walked away from her life as she knew it for him. She is an amazing role model....
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