Week 3 SPR - Running Header STRESS PROCESSING REPORT Stress...

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Running Header: STRESS PROCESSING REPORT Stress Processing Report Michele Baker GM 548 Career Success Strategies Professor Alethia Gardner July 19, 2010 Needs Areas The Stress Processing Report reported that I have 5 domains considered to be low (less than 25 percent) and 3 showed I scored higher than at least 75 percent of others who have completed this exercise. I scored low in growth and self-image under the self cluster. I also scored low in
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synergy and cooperation under the process cluster. Lastly I scored the lowest in trust under the others cluster. The self cluster represents our personal belief system and indicates that self-perception influences how we cope with stress. Scoring low in the growth domain signifies that I do not believe that it is very possible to improve myself, my potential to learn, or overcome my faults. This all leads to the finding that I will experience symptoms of strain. Similarly having a low self-image also results in the same symptom. However, in this case the symptom is caused by me being overly critical of or disliking myself. The process cluster is indicative of how people think about and perform tasks. I scored low in synergy mostly because of my view of working with groups. According to the results, by not involving other individuals or groups in my problem solving process, productivity can be decreased and again the result will be more strain on me. A low score in cooperation causes pressure because of the constant need to do better than my co-workers which would also indicate I am competitive and dysfunctional in task-related behavior. Finally a low score in trust in the others cluster indicates once again that I may show
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Week 3 SPR - Running Header STRESS PROCESSING REPORT Stress...

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