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First of all I would advise everyone to continue their education. Based on the research I have done over the past two weeks I have found that those who continue their education increase their earning power and decrease their chances of being unemployed. Also, many companies seek out those individuals who have an MBA. As far as three years from now, I see the company that I work for continuing to grow, acquired other companies, and becoming more prominent in the international market. I would like to stay here so that I can take advantage of their growth; however at the location I work for this is not an option. It seems that more now than ever people need to be more and more flexible to be able to transfer locations if they want to transfer into another department or area of the company. With technology making communication so easy, our departments for just our online department are spread out over at least three states. We also
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Unformatted text preview: have people who work remotely from home offices in other states. So if I was consulting for others who wanted to enter the field of higher education, I would suggest that you work hard at it and do not give up. Most companies are looking for people with prior experience, so if you do not have prior experience, you are going to have to work twice as hard. Even once you obtain a position, if you want to transfer to a different department, you may run into the same issues. Therefore, I would suggest building a professional portfolio and resume. Focus on your past professional experiences that directly relate to the position you are applying for. Once you get a call back and you go to an interview, maintain that focus and steer the conversation to those skills and experiences that will help you in the position you are looking for. Higher education is a great field to be in and it is growing intensely in the online industry....
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