Week 4 International Business 2

Week 4 International Business 2 - that peak their...

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That is a really great point Jamiece. It can be very hard to choose what career to go into and having a question and answer area at this site does it pretty amazing. I think that with the internet there is so much more available at our fingertips to be able to research big decisions such as a career choice ahead of time. Using resources such as these international business websites, the Department of Labor, and search sites such as Career Builder, gives people the opportunity to see what is available in their area or where they want to go, see the average salaries for the jobs
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Unformatted text preview: that peak their interests, and then they can follow up and research the specific companies and organizations affiliated with that career choice. People today have the opportunity of moving beyond boundaries that once existed when they are shopping for new career options. Thus it is important that business and organizations alike have available to their prospects the information that will help them make a sound decision....
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