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Week 5 Leadership 3 - They refuse to show people the entire...

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I completely agree that communication is a big part of a successful leader or team and I also agree that it is often overlooked. I have been in my new position for a little over the month and I have been to literally 7 different trainings on the same thing and all the people conducting the trainings have explained the process differently. My current boss schedules us to attend these trainings and then schedules a follow up to tell which parts to disregard and which parts we should use. It is not only extremely confusing, but frustrating. We are supposed to be successful but have no idea how to go about our daily responsibilities.
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Unformatted text preview: They refuse to show people the entire process we are required to do during the initial training process. I just do not understand the philosophy behind it. There is a severe disconnect in communication between employees, managers, and trainers. It makes this a very difficult place to be satisfies and successful. I think the key here is consistency. A good leader should clearly communicate the goals to the team. They should communicate professionally and respectfully. Hopefully my company will catch onto some of these ideas, because the inconsistency in communication is absolutely leading my current team down a path of failure....
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