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Week 6 Learning 3 - through with this tool I understand the...

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The company I work for implemented IDP’s over a year ago. They continue to have us update them and tell us that we will go over them with our managers, but that never happens. I think it is important for an individual to take charge of their own goals and their own personal challenges. People are resistant to change, but it is inevitable and we cannot necessarily count on other to help us develop the skills to cope with things. I wish that my company would follow
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Unformatted text preview: through with this tool. I understand the importance of assessing yourself both currently and for where you want to go. So I enjoy filling out my IDP’s when they circulate the update request. However, it makes the company look terrible when they implement a tool and tell you that the goal is to capitalize on your goals, talents, and growth potential, but don’t bother to take the time to follow through on that commitment....
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