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Week 6 Risk 3 actually learning oops

Week 6 Risk 3 actually learning oops - happen It is even...

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I completely agree that we are on our own to ensure that we continue learning. We have to motivate ourselves because often times no one else is going to push us to keep moving forward and learning more. My company has implemented a new program for continuous development. It is an opportunity for us to cross-train as well as train toward promotions. However, it is up to you to let them know you are interested in attending the training, to schedule it, and to make it
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Unformatted text preview: happen. It is even more challenging because we do not live in the same state as most of our colleagues who work out the home office. This is also where all the trainings are held. I have inquired but have not heard back on whether or not the company will reimburse us for travel if we want to attend. The point is that there are tools out there, but it is up to us to utilize them and take advantage of them....
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