Week 7 Strategy - Running Header: PLANNING MY FUTURE...

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Running Header: PLANNING MY FUTURE Planning My Future Michele Baker GM 548 Career Success Strategies Professor Alethia Gardner August 16, 2010 Planning My Future I found a great resource tool on the Mapping Your Future website that may assist me in strategizing my next steps toward a new career. The tool is a guide that helps you create a career plan. This tool enables you to break down your career goal and start organizing it into three
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different categories: requirements, current skills and interests, and a plan to reach your career goal. Career Goal To continue a career in the education fields, since that is where my passion lies and all my current experience is but to move into the human resources arena. Getting experience in the human resources field will allow me to move into a different industry in the future if I so desire. Requirements Based off a job posting on Career Builder, I am qualified to enter into an entry-level Human Resources Assistant position within the career field. The minimum qualifications are:
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Week 7 Strategy - Running Header: PLANNING MY FUTURE...

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