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Running Header: ROLE MODELS Role Models Michele Baker GM 548 Career Success Strategies Professor Alethia Gardner July 19, 2010 Role Models Good leaders are often also role models. This is achieved by leading by example, and earning respect, having confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. In addition, the most important qualities in a good leader or a great role model are honesty, integrity, and dedication. Role
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models give people something to strive for. I look to people who are educated, successful, but most of all honest; and I work hard to be distinguished by these characteristics myself. Their Careers In 2002, Sherron Watkins, Coleen Rowley, and Cynthia Cooper were names Persons of the Year by Time Magazine. All these women held or still hold respectable positions for large corporations or agencies. Sherron Watkins was the vice president of Enron, an American energy company. Coleen Rowley is a staff attorney for the FBI, an agency of the United States Department of Justice. Cynthia Cooper is an accountant for WorldCom a telecommunications company. Why they were Designated
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Week_3 Strategy Assignment - Running Header ROLE MODELS...

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