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Week 1 Disc 1 - personality style However considering...

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Although I am not a new Keller student, I think it is important to self assess throughout life to see where I stand as compared to where I would like to be. I find myself in a stage of my career that I am not happy with, so I thought this was the perfect class to take in order to gain a new perspective and try to learn and implement a strategy that will help me either enhance my career or start over yet again. I did not find it surprising that I scored so high in the directing
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Unformatted text preview: personality style. However, considering everyone else who has also posted a response so far also scored highest in this area, I was surprised that I scored 98% higher than those that have recently completed the survey. I wonder if the style of personality we are indicates the type of student who would post early on in the week. It will be interesting to see if those that post later will have a different personality style in common....
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