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I am right there with Pamela on this one. I also needed a bit of a push to get back into things. My boyfriend and I are both taking classes and he reminded me that if I do not get started I will have to spend all of next weekend trying to get caught up. Everyone needs a push in their lives sometimes. Just as Cheryl mentioned, it took an even to get her to focus on her education and starting something different. I found that when I realized that the field I got my Bachelor’s in was not meant for me, I had to basically start over. My degree was so specialized that I really needed to get a different degree. My advisor pushed me to pursue a Master’s instead of another
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Unformatted text preview: Bachelors. I am so glad that he pushed me to do that. This is my second to last session and I will have a graduate degree instead of a second Bachelors and that feels pretty amazing! I agree with Mitchell, the first reaction I had was about birds learning to fly. This is also the approach my mom took to teaching me how to swim. She is afraid of the water, so in order to make sure I didnt have that same fear, she taught me how to swim by getting me in to pool every chance she could when I was about three years old. Sometimes doing something is the best way to learn and therefore by making someone do something it may be a great way to teach them....
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