Week 1 Vark Assignment - Running Header: VARK LEARNING...

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Running Header: VARK LEARNING STYLE Vark Learning Style Michele Baker GM 548 Career Success Strategies Professor Alethia Gardner July 7, 2010 The Vark questionnaire examines four styles of learning: visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. I scored a 6 on visual and a 7 on kinesthetic. The study styles that accompany a kinesthetic learner include reducing study notes to a summary of examples using case studies and applications. Another key to studying for this learning style is to use pictures to illustrate ideas in my notes. These results suggest that I talk my notes over with another kinesthetic learner. A
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visual learner should study to be more accurate for me. I like learning by lectures that include pictures, posters, videos, and slides. I prefer flow charts, graphs, using different colors in my notes, highlighters, and symbols. This description is a perfect illustration of how I organize my study notes. Some key components of intake, SWOT, and outputs for a kinesthetic learner include using
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Week 1 Vark Assignment - Running Header: VARK LEARNING...

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