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GM548 PREPARATION GUIDE: DISC Assignment Personal Styles Analysis: The AMA DISC Survey TM INTRODUCTION: The DISC Survey is designed to measure four basic styles of behavior. Those are Directing, Influencing, Supportive, and Contemplative. Each style has strong points, and possible weaknesses, to an individual’s effectiveness. The survey materials will show both productive aspects of each of the four styles, as well as counterproductive aspects. Take the DISC Survey online using the instructions found in the Week One Assignments page. Then, complete the following assignment that is due in the Dropbox by the end of Week Two of the session. YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Write a 3 to no more than 5 page double-spaced paper [be sure to use subheadings to identify each section] in which you use the results of your DISC Survey. The content of your DISC paper should include, but is not limited to, answers to the following questions: I. Describe your personal styles (25 points) Describe your strongest style(s) and your weakest style. Provide examples to illustrate how
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