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Interpreting Your DISC Style(s) Overview The AMA DISC Survey assesses your on-the-job behaviors in terms of four different styles: Directing Influencing Supportive Contemplative The first step in interpreting and understanding your DISC style is to view Your DISC Scores and Profile and review your results along all four styles. The DISC Profile presents your survey scores plotted against those of others, graphically portrays the relative strength of your tendencies along all four styles, and shows the underlying orientations (i.e., toward tasks versus people and acceptance versus change ) which drive your personal styles. After reviewing your DISC Scores and Profile, you can familiarize yourself with Your Most Descriptive Style. This is the style that, according to your survey responses, is most likely to reflect the way you approach your work and interact with others on the job. You can then learn about Your Least Descriptive Style , the style that shows the weakest extension on your profile. To fully understand how we “come across” to others, it often is helpful to consider the styles we tend not to exhibit. Therefore, you may find it helpful to read about the implications of low scores on the DISC style that is least characteristic of you. The fourth section focuses on Your Combination of Styles. The work-related behavior of most people is depicted best by considering one or more other styles in addition to their most descriptive styles. Thus, this section provides you with information on the other DISC styles which, as shown on your profile, might complement, work together with, or possibly compete with your dominant style. Finally, profiles of all the remaining DISC styles and combinations of styles are presented. Though these Other DISC Profiles are different than your own, they may be relevant to people with whom you interact- and would like to interact with more effectively. Some of these profiles show dominance of a single DISC style; others portray a combination of dual, multiple, or competing styles. You can learn more about these profiles by clicking on those of interest to you. Links are provided throughout this section to take you to descriptions of the DISC styles. You have the
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Interpreting Your DISC Style - Interpreting Your DISC...

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