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Week 2 AMA Disc Survey - Running Header AMA DISC SURVEY AMA...

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Running Header: AMA DISC SURVEY AMA Disc Survey Michele Baker GM 548 Career Success Strategies Professor Alethia Gardner July 11, 2010 My Personal Styles In measuring the following behavioral styles: directing, influencing, supportive, and contemplative, I scored the highest compared to other average scores in directing by 98%. The scored similarly in the other three areas with scores in the high 50’s and low 60’s. This means that I am directing to a great extent and only moderately influencing, contemplative, and
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supportive. In continuing to read my results I found that I am considered to be orientated more towards tasks and change as opposed to people and acceptance. I am described as dominant, decisive, a doer, and driven. I think this is very true. I place little effort into people because there is too much room for error. I know that sounds a little harsh, but in my experience in working with people they are too dishonest, lazy, and selfish to be fully effective in working in teams. The problem that arises out of me being more task orientated is even though I get my work done while others are lazy, since they are more willing to work in groups, I am considered a negative person. The flip side that I do not think people recognize is that many want to work in teams because they know they can slack and the job will still get done by someone else. I have even heard people admit to this and it makes me very sad. Therefore, I find it more effective to direct people to do their own share as opposed to giving an overall goal to a group of people and watching some do all the work while others coast by with doing very little.
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