Week 2 Goal Setting 3 - tasks. I am not trying to say I am...

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That is very interesting Tara, I never realized that writing something down could make such a huge difference. I wonder if the same could be met for very small goals such as simply keeping a list or a schedule of things one must accomplish. My boyfriend and I have this argument all the time. I write down everything from my goals, to appointments, and things I need to get done. He writes down very little and is always late on making deadlines or accomplishing various
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Unformatted text preview: tasks. I am not trying to say I am better than him, but I it seems as though if simply writing things down could really increase the likelihood of things getting accomplished. In that case, it would prove to be helpful for people to not only write out their personal goals, but also their professional goals, long term, and short term goals and just about anything else a person wants to ensure gets done....
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