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I completely agree with Bolles, there are many important things in life that could be addressed in a classroom that are ignored. I definitely think teaching students how to find a job is key. When I worked for a juvenile corrections facility I quickly learned that we often preached to these boys about other way to make a living than just selling drugs, but no one was equipping them with any sort of skills to get them there. So I started a life skills group that met at least once a week. We went over things such as filling out job applications, resume writing, and getting letters of recommendation before their release. I took it one step further though and we went over things
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Unformatted text preview: like how to balance a check book and how to write a budget. These were things that I learned all in one class in high school and at the time is was not a required class. This was also not something the boys were learning in school even though they were attending accredited classes. My boyfriend is in a doctorate program and he takes a class called professional skills development every quarter. Although it is geared more toward his specific coursework, I think these types of classes could be integrated into all educational programs. It is always a good time to learn an applicable skill....
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