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I think the benefit of taking a course like this is to help people sort through their goals and think them out in a more detailed manner by using SMART goals. This also makes our goals more real and more attainable. Anyone can say that they have a big dream, but if they do not take the time to figure out how to get there, they will stay where they are. Similarly, if we do not even bother to figure out what big dreams we have, then we can never achieve them. This course should prove to help us shape our attitudes into a more apt ability to bring about achievement.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that all of us have done well in our lives to find ourselves in a Master’s program, but everyone needs to be challenge to keep striving for more. The types of individuals that get this far in life are not the types of people who give up easily and therefore I think it is safe to assume we all want to accomplish even more. Throughout the last two weeks, I have been given a chance to look not only at my goals, but that of my classmates. I hope to continue learning from you all throughout the next six weeks....
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