Week 2 Strategy Assignment - Running Header: KELLER AND...

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Running Header: KELLER AND CAREER GOALS Keller and Career Goals Michele Baker GM 548 Career Success Strategies Professor Alethia Gardner July 10, 2010 5 Career Goals In order to create SMART goals, I will have to look more closely at some of the career ideas I have had in order to make their more attainable and ensure that I am on the right career path. The first goal is more of my dream goal, and considering my boyfriend hopes to have me raise our children and be at home with him, this seems like a logical route. I would like to start my
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own day care. If I do not get a separate space away from my home, I want to ensure I at least have a separate place where the children can spend most of their time. I would fill this room with learning toys, games, and videos. Also, I would have things for them to do outside so they can get exercise while playing and not being locked up in a room for 8 hours. The ultimate measurable goal would be to bring some income into the my family, but also ensure the children whom I watch would learn something while they are there. I do not want to babysit, I was to watch and educate children including my own. The business side of things would include me getting licensed by the state, all parents would be charged the same fees possible depending on the age of the child, and I would have everything I would need to be a successful day care owner. A second goal of mine in the mean time before we have children is to become an academic
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Week 2 Strategy Assignment - Running Header: KELLER AND...

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