GM 560 Final Exam - 1. Since Matt and Angie decided not to...

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1. Since Matt and Angie decided not to sell out, they need to make sure they have a competitive advantage over the franchise store. They already have customer loyalty and a service edge due to the 90 second serve time which is beneficial for those who need to get back to work from their lunch breaks. However Matt and Angie will need to update their decor and clean up their store in order to keep their customer's happy. Customers may visit the franchise and see how clean it is and realize that Matt and Angie's place should be of similar cleanliness and have a nice ambiance. A little bit of investing in the cleanliness and décor may go a long way in ensuring they do not lose too much business to the franchise competitor. Also, in order to compete with the franchise, Sub and Chicken may need to lower their prices a bit. What they lose per item they should strive to make up for in quantity. They could even offer “sales” such as buy one sub get the second half off to try to increase items sold per transaction. Lastly, in order to stay competitive, Matt and Angie may need to offer delivery to the local community and businesses. The fact that they are over their capacity at lunch time means that people like their food and service, but they can lose customers to the franchise because they cannot afford to wait for a spot at the Sub and Chicken. They may also want to see if they can offer more seating whether in the store or on the “patio.” 2. Marvin Tollison can implement the types of things that effective leaders must do consistently in order to help his company continue to flourish. According to our text, the following factors help make up an effective leader: a. Marvin needs to create a set of values or goals for employees to pursue. He needs to set minimum standards for response time and quality of workmanship. b.
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GM 560 Final Exam - 1. Since Matt and Angie decided not to...

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