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Week 2 Competitive Advantage 2 - For example everyday on my...

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We actually talked about McDonald’s competitive advantage in a marketing class I took and as my classmates mentioned it comes down to branding. They are so recognizable they do not have to even use the word” McDonalds,” the golden arches can stand on their own and still be distinguishable. After we discussed this I also realized that was the approach Pepsi was taking in both their English and Spanish billboard advertising.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, everyday on my way to work I saw a billboard that read “delicioso,” with Pepsi symbols in place of the O’s. The signs said nothing else. The billboard did not display the word “Pepsi” anywhere. I found this to be very interesting and it defiantly offers a very different approach to marketing that they could not take without this competitive advantage....
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